Cuanza Norte: Civil servants worried about lack of bank branches in Bolongongo

The concern was expressed Thursday to Angop by some civil servants of different public institutions in the municipality and other residents of this locality.

Nurses, police officers, municipal administration officials, travel to the municipalities of Ambaca and Samba CajA� (which are 50 and 80 kilometers away from Bolongongo, respectively) while others travel 150 kilometers (communes of Quiquiemba and Terreiro) to receive their salaries.

Some workers interviewed by Angop said that employees clamored for the urgent installation of bank branches in this municipality to facilitate the withdrawal of salaries, because due to the lack of banks in the region, many of them lose their money during the trip back to the municipality.

They said that the situation affects, to a certain extent, the income of employees, since it is the salary that pays for the tickets to travel from Bolongongo to other municipalities withdraw their money.

Source: Angola Press News Agency