Cuando Cubango: Mavinga needs air means for voter registration in areas of difficult access

The administrator gave the information on Tuesday during a visit to verify the functioning of the brigades inside the Cuando Cubango, as part of a delegation headed by the deputy governor for the political and social sector, Pedro Camelo, that is making in the last days.

“We are well, in terms of the data we have so far, the numbers … are satisfactory, but we have to go to Sanjamba, Kembo, Kapua, Licua and other locations that were not registered, as well as the Luengue commune with the population dispersed and we are asking for tickets means to take the brigade in order to make the registration, “he said.

The official said that it is important that the registration agents get the difficult access zones to register the voters, judging by the little time remaining for the end of the process, in progress in the country, which will require a redoubling of efforts to be made on time.

Source: Angola Press News Agency