Cooperation Secretary wishes more efforts in cooperation with India

Luanda – Angolan Secretary of State for Cooperation, Angela Braganca, said Monday in Luanda that the country should work more towards cooperation with India, taking into account the great challenges of Angola, encouraging exchanges of delegations.

Speaking at the signing of an agreement for the Establishment of the Bilateral Commission, she considered it appropriate to take advantage of India’s financing and credit opportunities.

To her, the country also has the opportunity to take advantage of India’s great capacity to diversify the economy.

The agreement, which aims to encourage the promotion of cooperation in various domains between the two countries, was signed by A�ngela Braganca and the Indian ambassador to Angola, Shri Sushil Kumar Singhal.

The Secretary of State for Cooperation said that the bilateral commission should be chaired by the ministers responsible for diplomacy in Angola and India and should meet every two years.

According to A�ngela Braganca, the agreement is a formal mechanism to operationalize cooperation more intensely and allow periodic evaluation of the state of exchange between the two countries.

The official believes that the current economic situation may have adversely affected trade, but that crises must also be opportunities to explore other areas of cooperation.

The ambassador of India to Angola praised the agreement, as it is a cornerstone for institutional dialogue by strengthening cooperation relations with Angola.

The Indian ambassador thinks that the two countries have great potential that should be exploited for the sake of their peoples.

The Indian diplomat said that it was an institutional base to help improve the exchange, which should focus mainly on agriculture, industry, information technology, higher education, staff training, and health, among others.

There has been a cooperation agreement between the Republic of Angola and India, initialed on October 4, 1986, dealing with economics, technology, science and culture.

Source: Angola Press News Agency