Constitutional Court turns down CASA-CE coalition transformation request

Luanda -The Constitutional Court last Monday turned down the request made by the Broad Convergence for Angola’s Salvation-Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE) to have the political force transformed into a party, due to irregularities in the process.

According to a communique from the Constitutional Court, the file submitted by CASA-CE has shortcomings and irregularities that hinder its transformation into a political party.

The document explains that three of the four parties that make up the coalition (PADDA-AP, PNSA e PPA) have not expressed consent to such transformation in the statutory and legal forms.

The communique explains that in sequence of the CASA-CE congress held on 06-07 September last year, the coalition submitted to the Constitutional Court a request to validate one of the decisions of the conclave, which is the transformation of the coalition into a political party with the designation Broad Convergence for Angola’s Salvation-Democratic Party (CASA-PD).

The note explains that the request was submitted to the court by the CASA-CE’s president, Abel Epalanga Chivukuvuku, and included other documents, such as reports and minutes on the coalition’s provincial conferences that led to the congress held on 06-07 September 2016.

The Constitutional Court clarifies in the note that the transformation of that political force has to be in line with article 34 of the Law on Political Parties (law number 22/10 of December 03, 2010).

The note explains that the transformation of the coalition into a new political force presupposes full acceptance of such move by the coalition members, through extraordinary congresses of each party that has to deliberate in that sense, and that would lead to their extinction, and subsequently cause a merger from which would emerge the intended Broad Convergence for Angola’s Salvation-Democratic Party (CASA-PD).

The note clarifies that only one member of the coalition (PALMA party) held a congress which validly decided in favour of the transformation and its merger into the intended new political party.

In view of this, the Constitutional Court instructed the board of CASA-CE to correct the shortcomings and adjust its transformation process to the required legal procedures.

Source: Angola Press News Agency