Congo Basin member countries want to boost economic growth

Luanda – The 10 member countries of the International Commission of Congo-Oubangui-Sangh Basin (CICOS) must be more united in order to develop works that enable the exploration of the natural resources available in this area, with view to boosting the economic growth and combat poverty.

This was advised by the CICOS general secretary, the Cameroonian Enaw Agbor, when addressing at the information seminar on CICOS in Angola.

The official said that it will be developed a programme in the future that will gather Angolan stakeholders linked to the promotion of interior navigation and management of basin water resources in order to contribute with their knowledge, as well as to provide them with some leading position in the commission.

She stressed that the Heads of State of the Congo basin region are aware that each state must not decide by itself, so they thought of getting united and work on the natural resources and thus boost economic growth of this region.

According to her, Angola has the right to benefit from all the support mobilized by several technical and economic partners at the level of the CICOS.

In his turn, the assistant general director for technical sector of the National Water Resources Institute, Francisco Quifuco, said the goal of the seminar was to spread the existence and legal functioning of CICOS.

Angola was motivated to be part of CICOS since 2016 due to its considerable amount of water at Basin of Kassai River, one of the main affluents of Congo River.

Source: Angola Press News Agency