Closing Funding Gap Can Save Millions of Lives, Says Secretary-General in Video Message for Global Humanitarian Overview 2020 Launch

Following is the text of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ video message for today’s launch of the Global Humanitarian Overview 2020:

Every day, the United Nations and its partners deliver lifesaving aid to millions of people worldwide.

Never ending conflict, record levels of displacement and the accelerating climate crisis are pushing this number higher every year.

But thanks to your help, we are in a better position than ever to support them.

We are continually making our humanitarian plans more inclusive and innovative, and targeting resources to where they are most needed.

This year, early action by the United Nations and our partners helped prevent a food security crisis in the Horn of Africa and reduced the impact of devastating storms in Mozambique and the Bahamas.

I thank donors for their generosity, but the funding gap continues to widen.

I urge you to help us meet the humanitarian challenges that lie ahead in 2020.

Together, we can save millions of lives around the world.

Thank you.

Source: United Nations