Chihumbue dam boosts industry and agriculture in eastern region

Dala – Chiumbue hydroelectric power plant will boost the development of agriculture, industry and the life of the population of the municipalities of Dala (Lunda Sul) and Camanongue and the city of Luena, the last two regions of Moxico province, said Wednesday, the Minister of National Defense, JoAPound o Lourenco.

Speaking after the inauguration ceremony of Chiumbe hydroelectric power plant, built in the Dala municipality, with a capacity of 12.4 Mw, JoAPound o Lourenco said that the project will benefit the population but also the economy of the eastern region.

He assured that the President of the Republic, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, is seriously committed to the reconstruction of the country and its social and economic development.

The minister is aware that is not possible to talk about development without talking about energy, so the government is investing in energy production and distribution units, not only for the benefit of the population but also to serve the economy.

He stated that Angola is a country that is essentially agricultural, but there is an interest of the country’s industrialization by the government, as it is the safe route to development.

The official said that development, step by step begins to arrive in the whole country, since the Government, after reaching peace on April 4, 2002, inaugurated the hydroelectric development of Capanda (Malange), increased the capacity of the use of Cambambe, and most recently, President Jose Eduardo dos Santos was in Lauca, in Malange, to unveil the filling of Lauca dam reservoir.

Source: Angola Press News Agency