Chairpersons of municipal electoral commissions sworn in

They are Albino Raul, who will perform the functions in the municipality of Cahama, JoAPound o Miguel Curoca, JoAPound o Bento Cuvelai, Laurentino dos Santos Namacunde, Augusto Nepela JA�lio Ombadja and Moises Hinhenenhua Cuanhama.

At the ceremony, the Chairperson of the provincial Electoral Commission of Cunene, Jorge Bessa, explained that the newly elected officials were appointed by the Superior Council of the Judiciary to perform the duties of municipal chairperson.

The official asked for the rigor of the members and wanted them to succeed in the mission.

Jorge Bessa stressed that it is the task of the CNE to hold the 2017 general elections, where members of the process, such as political parties and civil society, expect the integrity and credibility of the commissioners.

In turn their, the newly-sworn officials pledged allegiance to the motherland, uphold the fundamental principles and respect the laws.

Source: Angola Press News Agency