Cazenga Festival brings together seven countries

Cazenga – Theatre groups from Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Mozambique, Portugal, Democratic Republic of the Congo and SAPound o Tome and Principe are participating in 13th Edition of International Theatre Festival of Cazenga (Festeca), from 19-29 this month in Luanda, an initiative of Art Recreation Centre (Animart).

This is an event of major expectation, said the Company “Sorriso Negro”‘s director of SAPound o Tome and Principe, JoAPound o Trindade, adding that the move will enable communication and sharing of experiences.

He said that the work portrays the fight against immigration on the border between Angola and the DRC, with stress to the entry and exit of citizens and incest.

Cazenga, one of Luanda’s nine municipalities, has six urban districts.

They are Tala-Hadi, Hoji ya Henda, Cazenga, 11 de Novembro Kima-kieza and Calawenda.

Source: Angola Press News Agency