Carnival considered an essay for creativity – Culture Minister

In the editorial of the Carnival Magazine launched on Saturday, the official said that the event is an exercise in exemplary reflection on other major manifestations of Angolan culture that, in these days, call for the effort of people’s participation in self-sustainability, which means a greater autonomy of production, valorization and shows the way of being in the world.

“The effort of all, the understanding and the resilience of its agents and promoters have allowed Carnival to rejoice and beautify our streets, from the municipalities to the cities”, reads the editorial.

According to Carolina Cerqueira, 2017 Carnival will take place at the New Boulevard with the spirit of the victory of the culture despite the financial constraints due to economic crisis.

“Within this symbolism, the Angolan Executive is the faithful guarantor of the public dimension of culture, by stimulating the cultural creation of society in its broadest sense, since Carnival is the feast of all social classes, which emerges as the exercise of lyric and playful expression, for the preservation of the peace achieved with sacrifice.

Source: Angola Press News Agency