Cabinda: Ruling party candidate speech encourages youth

Cabinda – Young people in northern Cabinda province have been encouraged by the speech delivered by the candidate of the ruling MPLA party JoAPound o Lourenco focused on creation of incentives to attract investors to the region and promote job for local youth.

This was acknowledged by the sociologist, Sevo Agostinho, while speaking to Angop on the speech delivered Saturday by MPLA candidate, as part of a pre-campaign rally meant to introduce himself to the local voters.

Also university professor, Sevo Agostinho said that the oil companies should not be the only ones to create jobs in the region.

According to him, the creation of incentives to attract investors awakens everyone as the issue centres on the improvement of living standards of the families.

In turn, the secretary for information of the opposition CASA-CE in Cabinda, Andre Nguto, said that the statement was important for referring to the negative effects of Cabinda’s geographical disruption and focus on promotion of more employment for youth.

The politician requested the Government special attention to Cabinda taking into account its particularities.

While Maria Bungo, a university student, stressed the need of more schools, faculties and jobs to cater for young people.

Source: Angola Press News Agency