British Aid to Support Training and Jobs (

The British government has launched two new programmes to give opportunities to Mozambicans, particularly women and youths, to obtain new jobs, improve their training and increase their incomes.
The new programmes were announced by the British Minister for International Development, Baroness Lindsay Northover, on her visit to Mozambique.
One of the programmes will provide £17 million (about US$26 million) for professional education, combined with support for job-seeking intended to help at least 5,000 young Mozambicans. The training will be directed towards sectors with a major potential for job creation such as construction, agro-business, forestry and industry.
The British government will spend £14 million on the second programme, aimed at supporting women’s economic empowerment. This is intended to encourage the recruitment of women and retaining them at work.
The objective is to help 10,000 young women in the urban areas to improve their income and job opportunities “so that they have greater control over their lives”.
These new programmes will also support efforts to combat child, premature and forced marriage, by providing girls with alternatives “so that they can take an active part in the economy and emerge from poverty”.
“Fighting against child marriage is not enough”, said Northover. “We need to work with the Mozambican government to ensure that women have other choices and are included in opportunities in the economy”.
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