Brazil welcomes Angolan designer Nadir Tati

Luanda – The city of Florianopolis is hosting the Angolan designer Nadir Tati in a fashion event, with her African Diamond collection.

According to the Angolan creator, African Diamond is a collection inspired by the beauty and the greatness of the African women, an elegant woman who has always been the icon of fashion.

Black and silver are the highlights and the colors chosen for this collection of dresses carefully designed to shape a woman’s body and at the same time create an elegant and sophisticated image in which silks, organza, sequins and lace will be mixed in a Classic ending of African fabrics and turbans that is the signature of this great African stylist.

The most renowned Angolan fashion designer graduated in Fashion Design and Image Consultancy, Nadir Tati’s main objective is to raise the Angolan fashion to the same level as other countries such Portugal, United States, Germany, Mexico, Belgium, Macau, Spain, Africa South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Togo, Tanzania, which have already welcomed and applauded her creations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency