Brazil: MP highlights Angolan women’s deeds

Brasilia – The head of the Women’ Parliamentary Group of Angola’s National Assembly, CAndida Celeste da Silva, highlighted on Wednesday the achievements of the Angolan woman towards the gender equality and women empowerment.

The Angolan MP said so in Brazil during a roundtable on health and well-being integration with gender equality and women empowerment in the framework of the Women Network Conference of the CPLP Parliamentary Assembly (AP-CPLP), held in the Brazilian capital.

“In Angola, the woman has achieved her space participating more in the development of the country”, stressed the MP.

She highlighted the women’s inclusion in several sectors such as defense and security where young women with outstanding performance, dedication and qualification have achieved their space in these areas.

The policies implemented by the Angolan government regarding the health and wellbeing of the woman were also highlighted by the MP, who also spoke of the health care services in the municipalities, policies of woman empowerment, fight against domestic and sexual violence against woman, among other issues.

Source: Angola Press News Agency