BNI robbery suspects arrested

Luanda – Five people suspected of having stolen Akz 6.0 million (about Usd Usd 37,000) from a Luanda Banco de Negocios Internacional (BNI) branch on 13 March have been detained by the police.

The information was released on Tuesday in Luanda by the Criminal Investigation Service.

The suspects are Osvaldo Andre, Airosa Nangawakiza and Artur de Sousa “Savana” (all with crime record involving murder, car theft and physical offence), Domingos Real and Jose Waquiva.

Speaking to journalists, Luanda SIC superintendent, Fernando Carvalho, the suspects have been found in possession of an assortment of firearms, magazines and a bullet proof vest.

One of the suspects, Osvaldo Andre “Nelson Py” (30) said the bank robbery was planned by his friend with whom he has been operating on Luanda streets.

A gang members said he entered the bank pretending to open a bank account, before tipping the accomplices who stormed in, held the workers at gunpoint and took the money.

Source: Angola Press News Agency