Bie: Registration of new voters may go beyond expectations

Cuito – The Secretary of State for Institutional and Electoral Affairs of the Ministry of Territory Administration (MAT), AdAPound o de Almeida, said Friday in Cuito city that the registration of new voters in the country may exceed the expectations.

AdAPound o de Almeida said so at the meeting with the local scholars, traditional authorities, religious entities, political parties and youth leaders during his two-day visit aimed at assessing the electoral registration process in the central Bie province.

The official said that at this moment more than 1.4 million new registrations have already been made in the country, of the about 1.5 million new voters planned for all phases of registration.

He said that the figure of 1.5 million new voters expected to be registered, at the country level, will be overcome since there are still about two months left for expiring and there is a lot of support from the young people who are being registered for the first time. .

The secretary of state assured that the Angolan Executive is doing everything so that the registration process takes place with greater transparency and smoothness, in order to avoid any mistrust.

He promised the permanent commitment of the Ministry of Territory Administration to take several measures to ensure transparency and smoothness in the said process.

Source: Angola Press News Agency