Bie: MPLA wants to reduce regional asymmetries

Speaking to thousands of militants, supporters and friends of the ruling party, JoAPound o Lourenco defended the need to create policies that encourage national or foreign investors to invest in the social life.

To him, the investors should feel that they have benefits by investing in less developed areas, ensuring the population a stable life, through employment and other benefits.

The Angolan citizen, he said, has the right to live in any area of the national territory and the guarantee for having the same facilities, opportunities and services that one would find in other places, as in big cities.

According to the politician, many people live in Luanda because they find no opportunity to live in other regions of the country, stressing the need to make more efforts to reverse this situation, in order to bring well-being and employment to all points of the country.

Bie province has a population of 1.45 million inhabitants, mostly peasants.

Source: Angola Press News Agency