Bie: Government focuses on reducing short-term asymmetries

Cuito – The government of Bie province is working to reduce asymmetries between municipalities in order to boost socioeconomic development and social justice in the medium term, said the provincial governor A�lvaro Manuel de Cuito on Friday. Boavida Neto.

To this end, the governor said that the contribution of citizens in the implementation of actions aimed at leveraging the political, social and economic sectors, especially the preservation of peace and national reconciliation, is necessary.

He pointed out that government, for example, continues to work to improve the quality of education by building more schools, employing and training teachers, enabling thousands of children to have decent learning conditions.

The improvement of health care, as a result of the construction of new health units, especially in the periphery, training of nursing staff, associated with the reinforcement of preventive health actions, through health education lectures have been among other government challenges.

Without advancing the amount invested, he said, on the other hand, that the government works to improve the distribution of potable water and electric current to the populations, rehabilitation of roads in an attempt to guarantee opportunity for development and well-being of citizens.

Source: Angola Press News Agency