Bie: FAS finances social projects

Cuito – At least ten social projects turned to the satisfaction of the basic needs of the most vulnerable communities in the central Bie Province are being implemented and financed in the past few years by the Social Support Fund (FAS), revealed on Tuesday, in Cuito City, the director of this institution, Santinho Figueira.

The official was speaking to the press in the ambit of the holding of the first Consultative Council of FAS, which, for three days, will be discussing various issues, with highlight on the assessment of activities, as well as put into perspective new action plans for the coming five years.

Santinho Figueira explained that his institution also analyses on a regular basis guidelines and instructions from the Executive, many of which are relating to the financing of projects in sectors that boost development and the improvement of the living standards of the Angolan citizens.

Since the year 2004, disclosed the source, the FAS has financed 97 different projects, but all of them aligned to the province’s development plan.

Source: Angola Press News Agency