Benguela: MPLA calls for cohesion in party actions

Benguela – The second secretary of the MPLA Provincial Committee in Benguela, Verissimo Sapalo, on Thursday requested in this region, cohesion among the militants, in order to impress a strong dynamics and a discipline capable of taking the actions of the party to good pace.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the meeting he held with the party’s militant businessmen, the politician considered that the electoral process needs discipline and cohesion, so that there is unity among them and get involved in the tasks scheduled for this event.

“If people do not get along with what we want to accomplish, we can hardly achieve successes and that’s not part of our political party structure,” said the second secretary who called for the involvement of those present in the electoral process.

He said that the meeting is part of the preparations for the party pre-campaign, whose objectives are shaped by a structure at the level of the province created to deal with issues related to the electoral process.

Source: Angola Press News Agency