Benguela: CASA-CE aligns electoral strategy

Benguela – CASA-CE coalition president, Abel Chivukuvuku, said on March 11 in the central Benguela province that his political force has to contribute decisively to the advent f change and empower the Angolans for a new governance posture.

Speaking at the 1st Meeting of the National Advisory Council of CASA-CE, he pointed out to patriotism, competence and honesty as an essential basis for this new governance stance.

The new governing agenda of the coalition, he said, is aimed at the achievement of Angola and the viability of the Angolan citizens’ lives.

The politician understood that the premises for good governance must be clear, simple and feasible, to form a society that promotes freedom, order, legality, stability, competence, rigor and the fight against corruption.

He idealizes a more honest and patriotic society, which privileges youth, gives adequate attention to women and family, in all spheres and circumstances, as well as developing a public service to facilitate citizens’ lives, harmonize development and value the potential existing throughout the national territory.

Source: Angola Press News Agency