Bengo: Bovine cattle vaccination starts in Dande

Barra do Dande – At least 7.938 heads of bovine cattle started to be vaccinated against contagious bovine peuripneumonia and anthrax during a campaign that off Tuesday in Barra do Dande commune, Dande municipality, Bengo province.

Speaking to the press, the provincial director for Agriculture, Faustino Quissaque Ngonga, said that for the success of the campaign, 9.000 vaccines against the referred diseases were availed.

According to him, the routine campaign is due to end on April 24 and counts on the assistance of the provincial government and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, with the participation of 10 technicians of Bengo Veterinary Services.

He also said the campaign will benefit 63 local cattle breeders, underlining that the amount of the prepared vaccines will meet the demand.

Source: Angola Press News Agency