Belarus seeking cooperation in agriculture, tractor assembly

This was during an audience the Vice President, Manuel Domingos Vicente, granted to the Belarusian ambassador to Angola, Andrei Molchan.

Speaking to the press, Andrei Molchan admitted the possibility of opening credit lines and other forms of financing to contribute to development of Angola.

He stated that the value of credit lines is being discussed by the Angolan authorities and representatives from Belarus Development Bank and tractor assembly companies visiting the country.

The diplomat said that his country wants to cooperate, essentially, in the professionalization of Angolan agriculture and industry.

Andrei Molchan spoke of the creation of an assembly line for tractors in Angola, hoping for cooperation with reciprocal advantages.

He added that his country is interested in acquiring tropical fruits, oil, miners, timber, fish, among other products from Angola.

Belarus became independent from ex-Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (former USSR) on 25 August 1991.

Source: Angola Press News Agency