Basketball: Misto do Bié unbeaten in wheelchair basketball championship

Misto do Bié outclassed Misto do Namibe 82-08 in the third round of the series A of the 18th national senior men’s wheelchair basketball championship, taking place in Lubango.

In other games of the same group played Friday, Misto do Cuanza Sul lost to defending Misto do Uige 29-83, while Obra Social da Maxinde beat Misto de Benguela 30-29.

In the B series, Misto do Cuanza Norte beat Misto do Huambo 66-29, Centro de Reabilitação Profissional de Viana were defeated by Escorpiões 54-31, while Misto da Huíla recorded the first win in the championship, after defeating Misto do Moxico 54-32.


Serie A

1st Misto do Bié – 6 points

2nd Misto do Cuanza Sul – 6 points

3rd Misto Uige – 4 points

4th Obra Social da Maxinde – 3 points

5th Misto of Benguela – 3 points

6th Misto of Namibe – 3 points

Serie B

1st Escorpiões – 4 points

2nd CRP/Viana – 4 points

3rd Misto da Huíla – 4 points

4th Misto do Cuanza Norte – 3 points

5th Misto do Huambo – 3 points

6th Misto do Moxico – points

The fourth round is scheduled for Saturday, with highlight to the Series A, with Obra Social da Maxinde/Misto do Namibe, Misto do Bié/Misto do Cuanza Sul and Misto do Uige/Misto de Benguela.

In group B CRP/Viana-Misto do Huambo, Misto do Bié/Misto do Cuanza Sul and Misto do Uige/Misto de Benguela.

The sports event organised by the Angolan Paralympic Committee (CPA) brings together 12 teams and is held at the Nossa Senhora do Monte multipurpose pavilion in a round-robin tournament.


Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)