Barrows Hotels Comments on Recent Global Investors Meeting

LONDON, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The hotel development industry is accelerating the completion of its business improvement initiatives aimed at creating promising new opportunities for investors.

The initiative is supported by the flexibility and effectiveness of relaxed government procedures worldwide and the numerous benefits it offers investors.

The announcement follows a digital meeting with government officials from several countries who see the importance of strengthening the global investment climate.
A large majority of investors say these initiatives will have a positive effect on the business climate in the global hotel industry.

Erwin Jager, chairman of Barrows Hotel Enterprises, confirmed that the hotel industry will continue to create the conditions necessary to strengthen its status for global investment.

As a developer and hotel investor, Barrows Hotel Enterprises focuses on the MENA Region and sees good opportunities after the global pandemic. The company has daily contacts with institutional and private stakeholders within the industry.

We see the accelerated growth of the investment environment in the hotel sector. In today’s post-pandemic world, we need to keep pace with global developments while remaining vigilant and adaptive in our response to the ongoing rapid changes in our industry.

“The relationship with international investors is strong and we remain committed to continuous innovation and creating exceptional business opportunities that will drive growth within the hotel industry,” said Erwin Jager.

Together we ensure that the hotel industry continues to offer opportunities within a very stable, sustainable and attractive environment. This offers huge opportunities worldwide to boost employment

Investors have recently indicated that the improvements will help improve procedures and reduce effort. This creates promising new investment opportunities.

Efforts by government agencies are welcomed with open arms. This allows the hotel industry to continue to create new opportunities to improve and simplify their services.

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