Austrian chancellor praises relations with Angola

The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Austria Karl Nehammer considered Tuesday the relations with Angola “good” and pledged to support for the identified sectors.

Karl Nehammer made the praise at the end of the Business Forum between the two countries, held in the Angolan capital (Luanda).

He said he was pleased with the contribution of his country’s companies to the development of Angola.

Karl Nehammer, who has been in Angola since Monday, expressed his country’s availability to explore new investment opportunities.

He also spoke of the possibility to intensify partnerships with this African country, as part of an economy that grows “quickly” and its diversified cultural heritage.

Karl Nehammer admitted that the levels of trade between the two countries are still low, despite having tripled since 2021, but he did not mention the numbers.

“Based on today’s visit, I hope that several visits from companies may continue to take place. Many companies, such as Red Blue, ALPLA and Alpha, are active in Angola and are interested in expanding their activities”, he noted.

Karl Nehammer believes that the two countries and peoples could benefit from much intensified and shared cooperation.

The Austrian Head of Government also recognises Angola’s effort toward promotion of peace and stability in Africa.

During the Angola-Austria business forum, the minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior, said that the country wants to rely on the experience of the Federal Republic of Austria, to build a “strong” economy and stop depending on oil exports.

He spoke of the Angola’s commitment to promote business partnerships in sectors linked to agriculture, information technology, cyber-security and digitisation, environment and sanitation, education, transport and energy.

According to Nunes Júnior, Angola needs to develop businesses such as agriculture, manufacturing industry, fisheries, tourism, construction and other sectors that help to diversify sources of income

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)