Army general staff chief highlights President’s role for peace

Speaking to ANGOP, in the framework of the central event commemorating 15 years of peace, he said that the first challenge was aimed at achieving this greater good and, later, consolidating and preserving it for all Angolans.

The general stressed that, over the years, the country has grown in all areas, such as the construction of educational infrastructures and other indispensable means for economic and social development.

“Today Angola is not just a simple country, it is a country with many possibilities, it is only a matter of work to achieve all the goals set by the State,” he said.

Therefore, he said that peace must continue to be preserved by the Angolans “because only they are who miss it”.

He said that the organizational, operational and combative level of the FAA has increased greatly in these years of tranquility, despite admitting that it is not yet what it is desired, but there are already schools that guarantee the formation of military cadres of higher level.

He said that it is FAA’s intention to consolidate the establishment of graduate schools of officers, to further develop the armed forces.

Meanwhile, the National Army commander, General Gouveia Joao de Sa Miranda, said that it is an expected date of joy, but also of sadness because he remembers always those of his colleagues who lost their lives in the struggle to achieve this peace.

“We are all to be congratulated for this achievement and so we must continue to preserve it at all costs,” the general said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency