Angosat 1 to secure emergence of telecommunication companies

Luanda – The launch of the Angola’s first satellite Angosat 1 will pave the way for the emergence of small telecommunication companies, especially in remote areas of the country.

This was said Tuesday in Luanda by the minister of Telecommunication and Information Technologies, Jose Carvalho da Rocha.

Addressing a lecture on “Angosat 1 – challenges, benefits and opportunities ” for students of the privately-owned Gregorio Semedo University, the minister said the academic is tasked with training people and help students undertake their projects.

He said Angosat 1 represents the beginning and other sectors are required to come up with forms and projects to maximise it and ensure the quality of the services where there are no operators, thus providing a response to the entrepreneurship in the telecommunication sector.

According to the minister, the academy is also expected to develop the nano-satellites that will ensure punctual responses to areas of agriculture, meteorology and others that contribute to the solution to social problems.

Minister Jose da Rocha said that with the launch of the Angolan satellite this year will enable the information technologies and communication signals to cover the whole national territory and stimulate the services of operators in areas with no signal or poor signal, as the Angosat 1 signal will provide other businesses for the country as it has an illumination that goes from South Africa to Italy.

In addition, he said, there era the fiber optic connections with Angola, Brazil and United States, which will turn Angola into a heavy internet traffic hub in Africa.

Currently, Angola has a 22,000 kilometres of fibre optic, 14.03 million users of cellphones, 288,407 of fixed lines and 4.3 million of internet.

Angosat 1 is being built in Russia and is expected ready for launch this year.

Source: Angola Press News Agency