Angola’s helicopters arrive in Mozambique

The Minister also announced the arrival in Mozambique � hit by powerful tropical storm � of a fourth plane with 52 tons of goods (medicines and expendable supplies), two ambulances and four 4-wheel drive vehicles to ensure the mobility of the teams.

The teams are joining the delegation which has been in that country since 22 March to carry out a 30-day mission aimed to provide technical and medical assistance in the various health areas to cyclone-affected populations.

The Tropical cyclone claimed 732 lives in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, of whom 446 were recorded in Mozambique.

Many have been sheltered on rooftops and trees.

Taking stock of the cyclone, Zimbabwean Defence minister put the death toll at 259 in his country.

While, Oppah Muchinguri, Defence minister of Malawi said that more than 120 bodies were swept away by flood water.

Mozambican port city of Beira took the brunt of disaster with storms reaching 170 km/h last week.

Source: Angola Press News Agency