Angolans bravery broke down chains of colonial oppression – Minister

Luanda – The minister of Former Combatants e Veterans of the Motherland, CAndido Pereira Van-Dunen, Saturday, in Luanda, that the Angolans’ courage and bravery in the struggle for national liberation has broken the chains of oppression towards freedom.

The Government official who was speaking on the sidelines of the central event of the celebrations of the 56th anniversary of February 4, the Day of the Beginning of the Armed Struggle for National Liberation, said it was necessary to thank and praise the courage of the Angolans who have done everything to achieve national freedom.

In his view, the event should serve as a commitment to the maintenance of peace, democracy and national unity.

For the municipal administrator of Cazenga, Victor Nataniel Narciso, the current memorial is a gesture that symbolizes a place where started part of the execution of the actions that led the Angolans to the prisons of Luanda to save the political prisoners.

He said it was a great privilege that there were still survivors of these heroes who continue to pass the testimony to the new generation on what they did, went through and achieved in this heroic deed.

Source: Angola Press News Agency