Angolan writer attends children’s literature party in Portugal

The exchange will be attended by writers from Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Mozambique.

It is a meeting of children, young people and authors from different continents, who will cross the oceans in the opposite way to that of the language, and intends to welcome the Portuguese language and present to the children and young people, culture and values of the Portuguese-speaking world.

The participation of the Angolan Maria Celestina Fernandes, who began her literary career in the 1980s, follows the invitation of the publisher Kapulana, with whom the author worked on the works “Kalimba” and “Kambas”.

Her major production in prose and poetry is directed to children’s literature, with emphasis on the works “A Borboleta cor de Ouro” (1990, UEA), “Kalimba” (1992, INALD) and “Kambas para Sempre” Kapulana, 2017), among others.

The writer has books translated and awarded.

She was nominated three times for the Swedish Prize “AstridLindgren” and received in 2010 the Diploma of Merit from the Ministry of Culture for her contribution to the national culture.

Source: Angola Press News Agency