Angolan musician defends preservation of national rhythms

Luanda – Percussionist JoAPound ozinho Morgado defended Friday in Luanda the preservation of national rhythms as a basis for everlasting contribution to the growth of styles that characterize urban popular music of Angola, with emphasis on Semba style.

To him it is necessary to preserve the rhythms that characterize the popular or urban music, with emphasis on the semba style, as a reference style of the Angolan songbook, in order to transmit to the new generation the importance of the drum instrument in the growth of this musical style.

According to the percussionist, drum is directly linked to the essence of the semba music style, so it is urgent that projects be created to maintain the pertinence of percussion, as a requirement for the rhythms that characterize the national style.

During the homage, JoAPound ozinho Morgado was backed by instrumentalists like Correia Miguel, Chico Santos, Yasmane Santos, RaA�l Tolingas, among other percussionists, who offered to the public good moments of percussion.

JoAPound ozinho Morgado was born in Luanda, in the Operario district, in 1947, an indispensable reference in the rhythmic accompaniment of semba.

The artist inherited from his father, Master Geraldo, commander of massemba dance also known as “Rebita”, composer and creator of several carnival groups such as “Os novatos da Ilha ” and ” Os Feijoeiros do Ngola Kimbanda”.

The event aimed to value artists for their contribution to the expansion of Angolan culture.

Source: Angola Press News Agency