Angolan, Mozambican MPs exchange work experiences

Luanda – Mozambican Parliamentary delegation that arrived in Luanda on Wednesday for a seven-day working visit to Angola, met Thursday with MPs s of the 9th Commission of the Angolan Parliament, tasked with matters of Mandates, Ethics and Decorum.

The chairperson of the 9th Committee of the Parliament of Mozambique, Silvino Samuel, said that the purpose of the visit was to exchange experiences, taking into account the Code of Ethics of the Assembly of Republic of Mozambique.

The working visit is part of the recent visit to Mozambique by a delegation from the Angolan Parliament’s Mandate, Ethics and Decorum Commission aimed to strengthen ties of cooperation, friendship and common learning.

The chairperson of the 9th Commission of Angolan Parliament, Clarisse Kaputo, said that the visit of the Mozambican MPs to Angola will boost the exchange of experiences on issues of interest of both parliaments.

The Angolan MP highlighted the readiness of the Angolan MPs to share their experiences in matters of interest to their colleagues from Mozambique within the framework of the protocol between the various working committees of the respective Parliaments.

Source: Angola Press News Agency