Angolan head of State highlights modernisation of Navy

President of the Republic João Lourenço stressed Wednesday the ongoing equipment process in the Angolan Navy (MGA), which he described as part of a strategy to cover the other branches of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).

The statesman was speaking at the opening of the meeting with FAA military leadership in Menongue, south-east Cuando Cubango province.

In his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, João Lourenço said that the equipment underway at MGA is “a first experience in this management”.

In his speech, the president said that the MGA is being equipped with naval vessels of different categories, with the capacity to combat piracy and international terrorism in territorial waters and on the national maritime coast.

According to him, the ongoing process in the Navy will allow this branch of the FAA to also cooperate with other counterparts in the countries of the Gulf of Guinea.

Apart from acquisition of modern military hardware, weapons and military technique, the Angolan President stressed the importance to train officers and specialists in the best military schools and academies in the world.

The combat preparedness, the President went on, and the training of man in the military education facilities in the country must be a constant, to maintain a very high degree of combat readiness of the FAA units.

In his speech, the Commander-in-Chief of the FAA explained that teaching in military

schools and academies must be secured by contracted expatriates, as well as by Angolan general officers and officers, including retirees from different specialties.

According to the Head of State, it is important that lectures are given to the cadets, by the witnesses still alive, about their participation in the great battles registered

in the country.

Defence industries

Addressing FAA military leaders, João Lourenço said that particular attention should be paid to the need to develop defence industries focused on production, maintenance of weapons and military technique.

The referred industry should also be dedicated to the production of ammunition, uniforms, boots and barracks utensils.

Soyo Naval Base

At the opening ceremony of the meeting, the President of the Republic announced the conclusion, within two months, of the works to expand and modernise the naval base of Soyo, in the province of Zaire, which is expected to become the main naval base in the country. “All efforts must be directed towards the FAA developing agricultural and livestock production on a large scale, to guarantee the food self-sufficiency of

their herds and have surpluses to inject into the consumer market”, he


The Head of State considered it fundamental that the FAA contribute to the resolution of problems in the communities close to its units.

He spoke of the need for engineering units to support the maintenance of secondary and tertiary roads, as well as the construction of bridges, boreholes and water reservoirs for populations and livestock.

João Lourenço said that the participation of the FAA is also necessary in rescue operations for victims of natural disasters, in mass vaccination campaigns, in the collection of solid waste and in other social actions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)