Angolan government announces minimum prices for some products

Minister of State for Economic Coordination José de Lima Massano announced Wednesday in Johannesburg, South Africa, that the Angolan Government will set, in the coming weeks, minimum prices for certain products, as part of the strategy to ensure food security.

José de Lima Massano announced so while speaking to National Radio of Angola (RNA), on the sidelines of a visit to the BRICS fair.

The official, who did not provide further details on the referred products, added that currently in Angola there is a table of food products, covering a total of 32, under monitored prices.

The move is part of Presidential Decree nr.206/11, of 29 July, which establishes the general bases for the organisation of the national prices.

On food security, Lima Massano said that Angola has to make great pregress and gain greater autonomy and ensure that production is able to be consumed by citizens, that is, people must have sufficient income to purchase them.

Belarus aims to support food security

Still on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit, Angola and Belarus on Wednesday expressed interest in strengthening economic relations in the field of agriculture, with a focus on food security, one of the challenges for the Executive.

According to the publication of the Angolan newspaper “Jornal de Angola”, to which ANGOP had access, representatives from the two countries held a meeting as part of strengthening bilateral relations.

The minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Sergei Aleinir, who represented his country at the meeting, where the Angolan delegation is led by the Minister of State for Economic Coordination, José de Lima Massano, guaranteed to maintain the focus on the sector of agriculture to ensure security to feed.

“Belarus has a lot to offer, ranging from agricultural equipment, fertilizers to other equipment,” he pointed out.

To Sergei Aleinir, his country is available to develop a programme for agriculture in Angola, which can be extended to other sectors.

Belarusian head of diplomacy said that the possibility of a working visit by the Angolan Minister of Agriculture to Belarus had also been discussed.

Belarus’s economy is diversified, with agriculture and manufacturing as its main activities. However, trade is another area of great importance in large centres.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)