Angolan ambassador to China highlights youth’s contribution

Luanda – The contribution of Angolan youth and students in the struggle for national liberation was the theme chosen by the Angolan ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, JoAPound o Garcia Bires, for a lecture at the Chinese University of Tsinghua.

The event dubbed Tsinghua Ambassador Talks Series is part of an initiative aimed at providing students with a perspective of relevant and current topics of the country that each ambassador represents and the relations with China and the international community.

Taking advantage of the month of Angolan youth (April), JoAPound o Garcia Bires stressed the participation of youth and Angolan students in the struggle for national liberation, according to a note from the Angolan Embassy in China.

The Angolan diplomat mentioned as example the House of Students of the Empire, the General Union of students of black Africa, the Angolan Students’ Movement among other organizations that between the 1950s and 1960s defied the colonial regime.

The youth’s participation in the struggle for national liberation culminated in the independence of the country on November 11, 1975.

Tsinghua University is considered one of the two best and most selective institution in China.

Source: Angola Press News Agency