Angola without stateless people

Luanda – The State Secretary for Human Rights, Antonio Bento Bembe, ruled out Tuesday in Luanda the existence of stateless persons in Angolan territory, since the State takes care and pays special attention to issues of citizens’ fundamental rights.

The official was speaking at the seminar on “statelessness and the role of parliaments”, carried out by the National Assembly, in order to provide parliamentarians with knowledge related to people living without nationality or citizenship. According to data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) there are in ten million stateless people worldwide.

The Secretary of State added that there is no record of the existence of stateless citizens in the country until now.

However, the official defended the creation of a database of citizens entering Angola due to the vulnerability of the borders.

Bento Bembe considered the issue of statelessness in the world as sensitive.

The training was lectured by the chair of the National Assembly’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Exalgina Gamboa.

Source: Angola Press News Agency