Angola: Voting registration regarded as transparent – Official

AdAPound o de Almeida was speaking to the press on Friday at the end of the meeting with the vice governors of the country’s 18 provinces summoned to assess the voting registration process and eye actions to be developed by 31 March of this year.

“The process is transparent from A to Z and there is not a single person who, in the perfect and free judgment of the assessment, denies the transparency of the process. Anyone can consult their data and have access to information about the process”, he said.

He accused of “defective coherence” the objections made by the fact that Bornito de Sousa is the Minister of Territory Administration, responsible for the voting registration, while at the same time he is a MPLA candidate for Vice-president of the Republic in the next elections.

To AdAPound o de Almeida, this is “defective coherence” aimed at constructing the theory of fraud, locating failures to tarnish the voting registration processes. The authors have changed, but the script is the same”.

Source: Angola Press News Agency