Angola: Viana reaches half a million voters

The information was released on Friday in Luanda by the Secretary of State for Institutional Affairs, AdAPound o Francisco Correia de Almeida, at the end of a field visit to the electoral registration brigades installed in the district.

According to the official, it was verified that the electoral registration system is working perfectly, in terms of human, material conditions, capacity for mobilization and assurance.

“At the moment, the municipality of Viana is with approximately half a million registered citizens, a very positive figure,” said AdAPound o de Almeida, who said that with the current dynamics, “the objectives defined for the municipality will surely be reached” .

He said that Viana, from the point of view of historical reference and productivity potential, should be approximately 600,000 citizens at the end of the process.

“With almost half a million registered citizens, there will be approximately a hundred thousand to register and, due to the dynamics of work, most likely this figure will be reached, judging by the mobilization capacity and the size of demand,” he said.

According to AdAPound o de Almeida, electoral registration projections are made based on historical reference.

Source: Angola Press News Agency