Angola: UNITA wants to discuss Law on Local Authorities

The UNITA Parliamentary Group will request in the next few days, on its initiative, “the registration of the issue of approval of the Local Power Law and the Law on Local Authorities” by the National Assembly.

This was said on Wednesday by the head of the UNITA Parliamentary Group, Adalberto da Costa JA�nior.

He justified the claim that “the subject appears in the consensus achieved by the Parliament, in the framework of the Essential Task Plan” for the conducting of the General and Local Elections.

Speaking to the press on the fringes of the 6th UNITA Parliamentary Conference, he recalled that MPs have to comply with a Task Plan based on issues related to the approval of the Local Power Law and the Law on Local Authorities.

To him, these issues are indispensable in terms of governance, to deliver basic services that meet the citizens’ needs.

According to Adalberto da Costa JA�nior, the panelists who spoke on the topics included in the agenda of the VI Parliamentary Conference showed, with obvious examples, that it is not possible to have full citizenship rights without Local elections.

“Everything else is an illusion and a retardation of the Angolans’ rights”, argued the politician, for whom the full satisfaction of the citizens’ needs entail s the enjoying of the primary services, such as drinking water, electricity, streets without holes, among others benefits.

He noted that the challenges of electoral transparency and good governance, which have to do with public accounts, have been delayed in the face of the lack of supervision and court action to ban bad habits.

The parliamentary activities of UNITA party tackled five themes, namely Economy and management in times of crisis, useful advices for companies and families; Transparency and Combating Corruption, Citizenship, Transparency and Good Governance, Electoral processes in Africa, what perspectives, and Angola: Succession or Alternation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency