Angola: UNITA wants elections with honesty and transparency

Luanda – The vice- president of the opposition UNITA party, RaA�l Danda, defended on Monday, in Luanda, that the general elections set for August 2017 be held with honesty and transparency and should reflect the sovereign will of the Angolan people.

The politician said so during the opening ceremony of the 6th Parliamentary Activities of the party taking place since Monday, set to last up to Wednesday.

The event is taking place under the motto For citizenship, Transparency and Good Governance.

In his speech, RaA�l Danda said his party wants to have a country where whoever wins the election wins it with clarity and honesty.

He also said he hopes that the winners and losers may hug each other after the final results, and be sure that it was a decision of the people.

According to RaA�l Danda, the opposition UNITA party is moving towards the election in August facing it as a turning point, hoping that whoever wins it can manage to congregate all Angolans.

On his turn, in a message addressed to the MPs, the UNITA president, Isaias Samakuva, highlighted the importance of the activities considering them an opportunity for assessment and analysis of the five years of parliamentary activity.

The UNITA leader expressed his party’s commitment to democracy and peace, in an irrevocable and irreversible manner.

For this Reason, he underlined that they will Resist by all democratic and peaceful means.

The parliamentary activities of UNITA party are tackling five themes, namely Economy and management in times of crisis, useful advices for companies and families; Transparency and Combating Corruption, Citizenship, Transparency and Good Governance, Electoral processes in Africa, what perspectives, and Angola: Succession or Alternation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency