Angola strengthens economic cooperation with Italy

Angola’s intention was expressed Wednesday in Luanda by the director of the Technical Unit for Private Investment (UTIP) Norberto Garcia.

The official was speaking at a meeting between a group of Angolan and Italian businesspeople aimed at establishing partnerships between the two countries’ companies, particularly in the sectors of industry and agriculture.

High on the meeting agenda was the visa granting to foreign investors.

Angola briefed on work it has been conducting with the Migration and Foreigners Services to tackle this issue in order to ensure good business environment in the country.

He called on the Consulates to facilitate the travels of the foreign investors who come in the country to help in materialisation of the local projects.

In his turn, Italian diplomat, Claudio Miscia, said that the meeting allowed them to assess the investment projects of the entrepreneurs of the two countries and draw negotiation guidelines for a possible financing.

The ambassador expressed optimism that the trade relations between Angola and Italy could increase with the export of agriculture products such as fruit and vegetables and cereals and facilitation of the granting of visas.

Attended the meeting representatives from the Italian companies, including Confimi, Unido Itpo, Etimos and Coopermondo, representing about 50.000 companies.

The Italian turnover stands at around 150 billion Euros.

Source: Angola Press News Agency