Angola: Stability constitutes SADC focus – specialist

The policies turned to the stability of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) are priorities, because they are focused on regional security and, consequently, the development of the member states, said last Saturday, in Luanda, the political analyst, Osvaldo Mboco.

The specialist spoke to ANGOP about industrialisation, trade liberalisation and stability in the SADC region, having defended that SADC continues to be the African continent’s most stable region.

“Apart from the instability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), there is no other focus of tension in the (SADC) region”, said the analyst, adding that SADC’s internal organs work better than those of the other regions of the continent.

As regards industrialisation in the region, he admitted that it continue to be SADC’s chief problem, given the fact that most member states do not have strong or diversified industrial parks.

This fact, he went on to explain, delays and hinders efficiency in the free trade zone, considering that some member states have shown reservations about embarking on this stage of the regional integration process.

SADC Heads of State and Government are gathered since last Saturday in Mbabane, capital of Swaziland, at an Extraordinary Summit.

Source: Angola Press News Agency