Angola: Southern African liberation parties seek peace in DRC

Luanda – The secretaries-general of the parties emanating from the former liberation movements of southern Africa appealed Thursday in Luanda to the political actors of the DRC to do everything for an everlasting peace in that country.

The appeal is expressed in a statement approved at the end of the meeting of the secretaries-general of MPLA (Angola), CCM (Tanzania), Swapo (Namibia), ANC (South Africa), Zanu-PF (Zimbabwe) and Frelimo (Mozambique) in the context of political concert and consolidation of the relations of friendship and cooperation among them, several decades ago.

At the meeting, participants shared information on the political, economic and social development of their respective countries and looked at the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where increasing military action has led to hundreds of deaths and thousands of refugees in neighboring territories.

They therefore suggested that Congolese political actors should take advantage of the readiness shown by the international community, especially the International Conference on Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), chaired by the Angolan Head of State, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who has relentlessly begun making efforts to find everlasting peace.

The secretaries-general of the political parties, whose former liberation movements have provided independence in their respective countries, have declared their recognition to the Angolan authorities for the way they have welcomed and treated the thousands of Congolese refugees seeking security in Angola.

Source: Angola Press News Agency