Angola: Sociologist highlights importance of elections in Africa

Speaking at the forum on “The role of civil society and the media” in the general elections of 2017, he stated that free and fair elections in Africa are based on principles of freedom of justice, transparency and credibility.

Speaking on the theme of “Domestic and International Electoral Observation”, he said that there are well-crafted processes in Africa and others manipulated to legitimize regimes or secure dynasties across the continent.

According to him, elections created political balance in countries such as Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Niger and Sierra Leone after conflicts.

However, he stressed that the electoral lawsuits were partly responsible for disastrous situations that ended in massacres and genocides of bad memories.

Augusto Santana recalled that the electoral processes of the modern “African” era date back to the end of 1950, and election observation also comes from this period.

According to him, electoral observation is a set of mechanisms and techniques that allow measuring the transparency of the process, according to the contexts, norms, principles and laws previously established.

He added that electoral observation is done by national and international groups and individuals, without being able to influence the process.

“The elections observation is aimed at attesting the credibility, transparency, freedom and fairness of the electoral process and provide corrections for future processes”, he added.

Source: Angola Press News Agency