Angola rises three places in FIFA rankings

Luanda – The national football team have climbed three places in the FIFA ranking, from 144 to 141, with 188 points, according to the Thursday’s latest update.

In a list led by Brazil with 1715 points, the 84th placed Cape Verde is the best representative of African Portuguese Speaking Countries (PALOP), followed by Guinea Bissau (103), Mozambique (106), Angola (144th) and Sao Tome and Principe (178th).

In Africa, Egypt is still the best despite dropping from 19 to 20, followed by Senegal (27th, three positions) and Cameroon (32nd, topped one position).

Below are the top ten teams:

1st – Brazil (1715)

2nd – Argentina (1626)

3rd – Germany (1511)

4th – Chile (1422)

5th – ColAmbia (1366)

6th – France (1332)

7th � Belgium (1292)

8th � Portugal (1267)

9th � Switzerland (1263)

10th � Spain (1198)

10th- Poland (1198)

Source: Angola Press News Agency