Angola: President returns to Luanda

Luanda – Angolan head of State Jose Eduardo dos Santos returned Saturday to the country’s capital, Luanda, after a few-hour visit to the northern Malanje province to kick-off the refilling process of LaA�ca Hydroelectric Dam reservoir

At Luanda airport, Jose Eduardo dos Santos was received by the provincial governor, Higino Carneiro, as well as members of government and his Office.

In Malanje province, the President closed the tunnel number 2 to mark the river diversion in a ceremony that marked the start of refilling process of Lauca Dam Reservoir.

The procedure allows the normal water flow to fill the reservoir in four phases, until 2018.

The Angolan Head of State, who for the second time assessed the development of the works, was brief on the use of LaA�ca Hydroelectric Dam.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos toured various areas, including those accommodating at least 94 Angolan citizens attending training in various specialties of the energy sector and other technical areas.

The 156 meter-high and 1, 200 meter-long undertaking (LaA�ca Dam) has a capacity for 2,070 megawatts.

Source: Angola Press News Agency