Angola: President approves anti-cholera Commission update

Under the Presidential Dispatch, the move is part of the Government’s efforts to implement measures and prevention control of the Cholera epidemic.

The objective is to protect populations from its harmful effects.

The Commission comprises Ministers of Finance, Energy and Water, Environment, Interior, Family and Women Promotion, Education, Media and Secretary for Social Affairs of the President of the Republic.

The Commission is mainly tasked with the implementing the Response Plan for the Control of the Cholera Epidemic – Angola 2017, approved by the Commission for Social Policy of the Cabinet Council, in the following areas:

A) Epidemiological and laboratory surveillance, in particular the active search for cases.

B) Treatment and supply of drinking water.

C) Monitoring the quality of water for human consumption.

D) Sanitation of the environment.

(E) Treatment of suspected and confirmed cases of cholera.

F) Information, education and mobilization of individuals, families and communities for their participation in prevention measures.

(G) Training of personnel, organization of clinical services and provision of medical means.

The Commission is supported by a Technical Group coordinated by the Secretary of State for Health, made up of experts and representatives of the member bodies of the Commission, among others:

National Director of Public Health, Director of the National Institute Department of Public Health, Director of National Treasury, National Director of Water, National Director of Social and School Action, National Director for Family Policies, National Director of the Environment, Fire Brigade Commander, Officials of Health Services of FAA.

At the local level, the Commission of combat Cholera is represented by provincial and municipal Commissions.

The provincial commissions are coordinated by the provincial governors and include the following entities:

Deputy Governor for the social sector, deputy coordinator.

Provincial Director of Health.

Delegate of Finance.

Firefighter Commander.

Officials of the Health Service and the National Police.

Provincial Director of Energy and Water.

Provincial Director of Education.

Provincial director of Family and Women Promotion.

Provincial Director of Land Planning, Urbanism and Environment.

Representatives of Traditional and Religious authorities.

Partners of Civil Society.

The coordinators of the National, Provincial and Municipal Commissions may invite other entities to join the work of the task.

The Coordinator of the Commission should present to the incumbent of Executive

the detailed timetable and budget for execution within 20 days from the date of its publication.

The coordinator of the Commission should submit monthly detailed reports on the work carried out to the Head of the Government.

The Commission ends its term with the statement on the end of the epidemic.

Source: Angola Press News Agency