Angola: Parliament discusses minimum salary

Luanda – The conference of leaders of the Parliamentary Groups decided on Thursday in Luanda to address the “minimum salary” under the monthly debate of the National Assembly, set for April 20.

The announcement was made to the press by the second secretary of the Parliament, Raul Lima, at the end of the meeting led by the first deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Joana Lina.

The meeting focused on the preparation and final overall vote on the agenda of the next plenary session of the parliament, convened for 19 April, which includes the general appreciation of the General Law on the Archives.

The agenda also includes the assessment and final overall vote of the Legislative Authorization Law that authorizes the President of the Republic, as the Head of the Executive Power, to legislate on the Asset Management Companies.

Raul Lima added that the order of work also included draft resolutions for the replacement of members proposed by MPLA, UNITA, CASA-CE and PRS in municipal and provincial electoral commissions.

The meeting will also discuss internal issues related to the report on Budget Execution and Accounts of the National Assembly for the fiscal year 2015, and the regulation establishing the rules for the management, use and conservation of the National Assembly Palace and the provincial offices in support for the MPs.

Source: Angola Press News Agency