Angola: Over USD 28 million spent on industry sector

Luanda – The country’s industry sector will benefit from an amount of USD 28.3 million by seven business groups, under investment contracts signed Thursday in Luanda.

Signed the contracts the Technical Unit for Support the Private Investment (UTAIP) of Industry Ministry and representatives of the respective companies.

The provinces of Uige, Benguela and Luanda are to benefit from such investments in the areas of production of animal feed, paper pulp for export, household utensils, object extension for Recycling of plastics, production and assembly of motorcycles.

Other areas include manufacture and bottling of beverages and production of biscuits, snacks and various sweets.

The companies are those of Cikaan RacAes Angola, Lda”,

“Popular Food Industry, Lda”, “Sunrise Pulp & Papel Angola, Lda”, “Yongjin – Comercio e IndA�stria, Lda”, “Adega Cooperativa da Azueira, S.A.”, “Glopol Angola-IndA�stria, Lda” and “Pasian International Company, Lda”, respectivelly.

The Minister of Industry, Bernarda Martins, said there are ten other private investment projects to be approved in the coming days.

In addition to the minister, the signing contracts ceremony was witnessed by the Secretary of State for Industry, Kiala Ngone Gabriel.

Signed the contracts for Industry sector was the UTAIP manager, Jose Sala.

Each company will invest less than ten million dollars in the sector in which it proposes to operate.

Source: Angola Press News Agency